Welcome to my corner of the web! I’m Reuben Azi Ishaku [Antz], and I’m on a mission of unraveling the complexities of IT-related challenges. My passion lies in applying my interdisciplinary skills to create impactful solutions in areas like public health, security, IT support, and software engineering. By doing so, I aim to not only contribute to team success but also improving organizations’ information security and technology infrastructure.

This blog is my digital playground, where I share my insights into the vast realm of technology. I bring you a mix of my original solutions to tech problems and curated gems from other sources that have caught my attention. Beyond technology, I am a devoted Christian with a deep love for Christ and music.

My skill set spans diverse areas, including public health, information security, data privacy, and adherence to web standards. From web development and Linux to mastering JavaScript and Network technology, and delving into Pen-Testing, I’ve got you covered. Additionally, I possess a strong foundation in C and C++.

What sets me apart is a robust knowledge of network security and network maintenance, making me your go-to guy for ensuring seamless operations. Teamwork fuels my enthusiasm, especially when it comes with a dose of humor and fun. I thrive in a collaborative environment where mistakes are stepping stones to learning, and bouncing back is part of the journey.

While my native language might be C, I’m also speak JS. And let’s not forget my proficiency in Linux, Git, and cloud platforms like Azure and AWS. Join me on this tech adventure, where every line of code tells a an interesting story, and every problem is an opportunity to innovate.